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Raised in the outskirts of Pittsburgh in a slum known as The Hollow, has both Mick and Cara stuck at a dead end. Tired of taking second place to his brother who's up for the next NBA draft, Mick plans his escape. Having concealed his feelings for Cara since childhood, thinking he'd never be able to give her what she deserves has him recruiting her, making her part of his plan for the future. Cara, who's just been going through the motions of a mundane life escapes her harsh reality through fiction romance, often wishing she could live the life of the characters she reads about. As Mick and Cara set out on their journey there are bumps along the way. As Mick struggles, waiting for the right time to confess his feelings he discovers the method of Cara's escape. When Mick decides to rely on Cara's fictional world to assist him with the expression of his affections, real life and fiction collide. Will Mick learn how to be the expressive man Cara wants on his own? Will Cara accept his overtures as genuine while the two attempt to gain stability and have a life together, leaving the grime and grit of The Hollow behind?

Copyright 2008 2013 - Justine C Szot
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