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Sexually repressed and unable to find a man who’s patient, giving her time to emerge from her shell, Ivy Tanner finds more than she bargained for when she takes a job at The Hidden Hills Resort. Twins, Reed and Joel Dyer, are enamored from the start when their Aunt hires Ivy to manage the front Desk. Due to the demands of the tourist industry, Reed and Joel have only been able to connect briefly with various, female guests. With the possibility of a permanent relationship Reed and Joel’s attitude regarding their future changes drastically. The night of the resort’s annual Halloween party Ivy is swept off her feet by a masked man. Her partner uses his anonymity to lead her out, enabling her to abandon her sexual inhibitions. While struggling with the euphoric aftermath of her encounter the twins begin their pursuit. Realizing the twins come as a packaged pair has Ivy reluctantly confessing to her evening of passion. When her masked lover comes forward will new relationships be strained or strengthened?
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