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Mattie Richards is struggling to get her life in order, unable to get past her mother’s unexpected death. When Seth Stratera, an old acquaintance resurfaces his presence changes everything. The two reconnect after a night of partying goes sour. After Seth shares the loss of his mother, the two find solace in each other. Both unsure of the path their lives should take, their attraction grows, igniting into a passion Mattie never expected.

In the past, Seth’s desire for Mattie often lingered, stifled by circumstances and social boundaries. With the reality of finally having her, Seth struggles with trying to find the right time to reveal his bisexuality. Hungering for a new direction, Seth takes Mattie on a trip to visit his childhood hometown. When Mattie is introduced to Bobby Cooper, she is catapulted into another world where intense love, trust, and loyalty are expressed in ways Mattie never imagined.

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