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After a series of accumulative events Kelly Jensen finds herself out on the street, penniless and shacked up in the woods. Alone, her isolated refuge gives her plenty of time to dwell on her past mistakes. When Kelly comes upon a stranded motorist she is forced to face her greatest enemy, her pride. Drake Larson, a prestigious entrepreneur who feels stifled and frustrated with the social circle his monetary success has brought him becomes obsessed with Kelly. One chance meeting gives Drake the push he's needed to end a suffocating relationship with a woman whose only mission in life, is herself. Kelly questions Drake's motives when he returns, searching the location where Kelly had assisted him with his disabled vehicle. Though Kelly can't understand the attraction, it continues to build with each visitation. Drake is persistent and refuses to take no for an answer. When Drake takes Kelly home with him for a night of passion and luxury, his perseverance becomes all the more difficult to ignore. Drake welcomes Kelly into his world of lavishness and esteem, insisting she attend a charity event, but hatred and jealousy are stalking them. When Drake is personally targeted through an act of violence Kelly returns to the streets. Drake is determined to extinguish the lines that Kelly insists should divide their classes, keeping them apart. Her stubbornness only fuels Drake's mission, provoking him to go to great lengths to prove to Kelly that she now belongs with him.

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