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Both destined to fail their history course, an extra credit assignment brings Chad Minnelli and Alex Hayes together. After three days in the library Chad invites Alex to his beach house. After a week their attraction explodes into a summer long affair. Once back at school Chad is consumed with Alex, his mind and heart racing ahead to make future plans after their college graduation. While Alex still has one foot in the closet Chad does all he can to guide Alex out, minus the battle scars he doesn't want Alex to have to suffer through. One evening at a gay, nightclub meant to put Alex at ease with the lifestyle turns their relationship upside down. With Chad afraid of being labeled possessive he gives Alex free rein over the decision to play with a third when they are approached by Bret Davis. Conflicted emotions pull them apart. Alex questions the intensity of Chad's feelings. Chad wrestles with the guilt of not taking more control over the events that night at the club. As Alex finally emerges to embrace Chad's idea of 'forever', Alex writes Chad a heartfelt letter. When the letter is found by Alex's father, Alex is pushed into a corner. Extra Credit is a story about a gay man letting go of his fear and embracing his future, and Chad Minnelli vows to be there every step of the way.
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