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Drew Walker has been emasculated for as long as he can remember, verbally assaulted by his father's narrow-minded, prejudice behaviors. When his father is injured in a work related accident he becomes a bed ridden liability. With the sudden passing of his mother Drew is left to take care of his father. Living an inward life when it comes to women and socializing Drew reaches outward with his fitness regimen. Staying fit is a way for Drew to vent his aggressions that were planted inside him by his father. Though dedicated to his healthy outlet, Drew battles the escape that alcohol provides. Being his father's caretaker forces Drew to try and rise above, doing the right thing by taking care of his father, despite the emotional abuse he endured.
Mia Riley, a compassionate LPN who fled from her career after losing a patient struggles with the fears of returning to her profession. Trying to make ends meet by working in the local tavern, Drew looks the way she feels most of the time, empty. Her need to heal has her preoccupied with Drew. When Mia learns that Drew is caring for his in-firmed father she is tempted to explore nursing again, but keeps her profession a secret. A bar brawl leads to their first encounter, unearthing Drew's tumultuous childhood. Though Drew is confident that he can fight his way through any physical confrontation and win, the war that is raging in his heart has him questioning his capabilities where Mia is concerned. Can he ever be man enough for her? Can Mia face the anxieties of her profession and come clean with Drew? Most of all can she take the assertive role and show Drew all that he's been missing? When Mia's want becomes a dire need, Mia needs to decide if she's ready to take the lead.
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