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After Neil Regal is disgraced in front of his community due to his father's criminal activities, Neil flees. When his car breaks down he is forced into the night battling a blizzard on foot. Losing his way after tumbling down a ravine he wanders until he blacks out in the white out of the storm. Dr. Danielle (Dale) Olson who's past has turned her into a recluse finds Neil on her property. She takes Neil in, allowing him to recuperate from his injuries. Dale's contact with the outside world is limited with the exception of her patients. Since removing herself from the male population due to her dark days in the film industry Neil's presence has Dale on her guard, protecting all that she has to lose, her career, independence and stability. Noticing a reserve in Neil as well, Dale is spooked when he slowly begins to edge his way into her heart, dismantling the wall Dale has worked so hard to build. As Neil's respite develops into a 'roommate' type of relationship he starts to step out and take a chance on his growing feelings for the beautiful doctor. Dale feels the energy building in her body as she fights the angst in her heart. Only having experience with cold, hard sex for the purpose of making a good film she is at odds with how to express herself emotionally as well as physically. As Neil draws closer he unveils his past. Can Dale do the same? Is love worth risking it all? Dr. Danielle Olson now has to figure out how to help herself after helping so many others, and Neil Regal is just the therapy she needs.
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