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With Zane now in remission, and having declared his love for Meg their relationship has them both flying high. Remaining a good sport through it all, Sean can't refuse Zane's offer to relocate when Zane and Meg decide to buy a house on the outskirts of town. With Sean being in close proximity to his lost conquest he can still look, right? As the three become comfortable with their new arrangment, Sean struggles with his feelings for Meg. Attempting to date other women leaves him feeling empty and defeated. Every moment with Meg tests his temptation, pushing on the boundaries of his friendship with Zane. Meg feels the energy building between her and Sean, reacting to his close presence. A life threateing incident forces both Sean and Meg to evaluate their feelings. The bond forming between all three has Zane reflecting on his life. Having stared death in the face during his battle with Hodgkin's disease his new prospective has him ready to take all three of them to the next level. Traumatized over love verses lust Sean desides it's best to flee from Zane and Meg's nest. With Zane and Meg's love and guildance will Sean ever find a place between them?
Copyright 2008 2012 - Justine C Szot
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