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When tattoo artist Zane Miller is diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease it only adds to his dark, surly personality. Now shattered and consumed with resentment over his illness, he struggles with facing the obstacles of his recovery. His new neighbor, the light and airy Meg Sullivan makes it her holistic mission to save him. Zane recoils in annoyance. As he battles the side effects of his chemotherapy, and begins to recover he finds himself opening up to Meg, soaking up her positive spirit like the therapeutic warmth of the sun. Meg's nurturing personality wears him down, transforming Zane into a vulnerable puddle in which he feels himself drowning in. For Meg, Zane breathes new life into her small, structured world, giving her a renewed sense of purpose. Will Zane's remission lead him back into his dark, isolated world, or will he grab a hold of the only light he's ever seen?
Copyright 2008 2012 - Justine C Szot
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